The English is GREAT Teacher Award is the first major initiative of the year-long English is GREAT campaign, which was announced during UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s official visit to China in January 2018. This Award will not only honour the most engaging Chinese teachers of English, but will also serve as a means for all teachers to share best practice in encouraging greater speaking proficiency among their students and to understand new and innovative teaching approaches.

The English is GREAT Teacher Award has been sponsored by UYoung and International House London; and is also supported my media partners China Daily and 21 Century English Education Media.

New Monthly Winner 

As determined by our panel of judges, the winner of the English is GREAT Teacher Award for November 2018 was Ms. Ji Yuhong from Heilongjiang Province. 

The judging panel which comprised of leading experts from the British Council’s English in Education Systems (EES) team offered their analysis of Ms. Ji and her performance: 

"Nice way to use the course book or syllabus as a basis for speaking, in pairs and in groups.

How to apply for the Award?

Each month throughout 2018, there will be a monthly award winner, starting in April 2018, who will receive a cash prize of RMB 3,000; an award certificate; and an invitation to attend the final award ceremony in December 2018 in China.

At the end of 2018, one lucky overall winner will receive a four-week study trip to the UK (sponsored by International House London).

The Award welcomes applications from all non-native English teachers of mainland Chinese nationality who are above 22 years old, whether from state or privately funded schools, or English training centres and organisations. A short video illustrating a successful classroom activity to help students practice their speaking proficiency must be submitted as part of the online application. Applications close on the 24th of each month, at which point applications for the following month will open. The results will be announced on the first working Monday of each month. 

The closing date for nominations each month is on the 24th, at which point nominations for the following month will be opened. The results will be made public on the first working Monday of each month.

Repeat nominations will be accepted, but will not progress if the nominee is a previous monthly award winner.

We welcome nominations of all eligible teachers, and the opportunity to celebrate good teaching. We look forward to honouring those who, every day and in every way, wish to share their love and appreciation of the English language!

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