“Your World” Competition is a flagship activity of Partner School Global Network (PSGN) programme organized by the British Council. Students who take UK qualifications (International GCSE and A Level) in PSGN schools will be invited to participate in the fifth annual PSGN Your World Video Competition. 

This is a fantastic opportunity for students to use their creativity and connect with each other while providing a window into their unique lives, environments and experiences. 

There will be a certificate for all students who enter. The winning video at country level will go to the regional finals to decide global winners. The global winners will be invited to attend a summer school in the UK at a British Council accredited school along with their teacher. 

2019 marks the first year of ‘Your World’ Competition in China. We aim at bringing Chinese learners the opportunity to showcase their talents and to compete with their peers from all over the world. In commemoration of this official landing in China, an additional award will be given to the national champion. 

About the competition

The theme for this year is ‘Waters of the world’.

Students will be making a 3-minute video of a social action project that focuses on a specified issue related to an identified water source such as sea, river, lake and its impact on a local community. Students could focus on an environmental issue or access to clean water. Students could also look at eco-friendly solutions to water pollution or ways of conserving water.

Interpretation of the theme ‘Waters of the world’

Water is an essential part of life on earth. We all depend on clean drinking water to keep hydrated, deliver minerals and nutrients to our bodies and to carry out daily tasks such washing dishes and cleaning. We are also dependent on water as a source of food through fishing and irrigation to grow crops while many of us are dependent on it for travel, the transportation of essential goods and raw materials. There is a good chance that some of the clothes you are wearing now arrived in your country by water transport!

As we all know, our oceans, rivers and lakes are under threat from pollution such as plastics and chemicals that end up in water systems posing a threat to life within it and the communities that depend on it. With climate change, floods and droughts are becoming more commonplace across many countries across the world so we need to get more efficient at managing water.

Who is it for

Students from PSGN schools aged between 14 and 17. 

Each school can submit one entry in the age category above. Students must work in groups – as this is a collaborative effort – in teams of between three to five students. Students can also seek the advice and support of teachers in their school in producing this 3-minute video.

Benefits of participating in this global competition

The theme of Waters of the world can be related to many of the subjects such as science, Food and Nutrition and global studies. By participating in this competition, students can draw upon their knowledge of these subjects to produce a truly exceptional video that highlights their skills and learning while making it. 

Meanwhile, students will be developing these six core skills which will enable them to grow into well-rounded, creative and critical citizens. 

  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Collaboration and communication
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Citizenship
  • Digital literacy
  • Student leadership

Judging criteria

Students have to submit videos focused on their world as they experience it. There is room for a great deal of creativity.

We are looking for videos of imagination and originality that will appeal to other students from a very different country.

The video should have been made specifically for this competition. Production quality is not included in our judging criteria. 

Criteria of selection will be based on:

  • Content: the originality of the idea
  • Structure: the way the idea is organised, laid out and presented
  • Visual design: the look and feel of the video
  • Overall experience: message comprehension, impact on audience
  • Cultural sensitivity: presentation takes into account sensitivities of other cultures, countries and regions and must not contain content that others might interpret as offensive.
  • The video should focus on the impact on community and avoid political issues
  • The final part of the video should be upbeat and positive in terms of identifying how the proposed solution will create a better future

How will it work? (format, process and timeline)

15 November 2019 Deadline for schools to submit (all) their students registration details to the British Council
30 November 2019 Deadline for British Council staff to review received registration details and ensure all is in order and confirm to schools
4 February 2020 Deadline for students to submit their video entries to schools
What will they be doing:
- Students, via their schools, submit video content as an mp4 file
- It will be a video of no more than 3 minutes recorded on any device such as phones, iPads, video cameras…etc.
11 February 2020 Deadline for schools to submit their winning entry to the British Council
- Schools will assign an internal judging panel
- Schools’ internal judging panels will decide on the winning video.
- Schools to upload the winners’ videos to Vimeo
21 February 2020 British Council to announce national winners
4-5 March 2020 British Council to announce regional/global winners

In round two, country entries will be judged to choose a regional winner as well as the overall global winners – those global winners will win a trip to the UK to study at a British Council accredited summer school.

Winners of 2020 “Your World” Competition

Global winner                          Sri Lanka            Al Iman Schools 

EU                                           Cyprus                The Grammar School

South America                         Colombia            ASPAEN Colegio El Rosario

Middle East & North Africa      Jordan                 Islamic Educational College

Sub-Saharan Africa                 Malawi                Mzuzu International Academy

East Asia                                 Myanmar            NIEC International School

China Winner                          DUFE International Education Centre

Participating schools in China (this list is in no particular order): 

Hohhot No.2 High School

Hefei Run’an Boarding School

Cardiff and Vale College Changzhou 

Cardiff and Vale College Shanghai 

For any queries about the competition, please contact us:

Tel: +86 1085919069

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