When students take an Aptis for Teens or Aptis for Teens Advanced test, they will receive an Aptis scale score, a CEFR level and a CSE level for Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening.  As part of their Reading score students will also receive a Lexile measure. The Lexile scores reported with Aptis Reading test results can help students, teachers and parents make more informed choices about reading materials to improve English reading ability.



What is the Lexile Framework for Reading?

The Lexile Framework for Reading is a scientific approach to reading and text measurement and can be utilised to measure both the complexity of a text and the reading ability of a learner. A Lexile learner measure represents a person’s reading ability on the Lexile scale. A Lexile text measure represents a text’s difficulty level on the Lexile scale. In both cases the Lexile measure appears as a number followed by an “L” for Lexile. Advanced texts/abilities are beyond 1600L and beginning readers (BR) below 0L.

What is the Lexile Framework for Reading application?

Reading books that measure 100L below and 50L above the learner’s Lexile measure is considered the optimal reading range for reading growth. Texts in this range should present just enough challenge to facilitate reading growth, but not so much challenge that they lead to frustration. 

In practice, learners, educators and parents could apply the Lexile Framework in the following ways:

  • Learners could choose a book or other English reading material that is at an appropriate difficulty level based on their Lexile measure. Parents and learners can receive reading lists and other support materials that help them encourage their reading development. 
  • The Lexile Framework gives educators a quick and accurate way to determine which texts are likely to be within a learner’s basic range of comprehension and allows them to adjust for the interests, experience and background of the learner.
  • The Lexile reader measure can also be used to monitor a reader’s growth in reading ability over time.  

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www.lexile.com/findabook or www.amazon.cn/b?node=1974674071