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We collaborate with WorldSkills International to transform public perceptions of vocational education and to improve skill levels in the industrial, IT and service sectors.

WorldSkills International is a non-profit organisation which has hosted a competition known unofficially as the ‘Skills Olympics’ every two years since its founding in 1950.For more information about WorldSkills, please visit the WorldSkills website.

UK Skills champions showcase skills in China

Since 2011, we have organised over ten WorldSkills Roadshows in major cities across China. The Roadshows bring British WorldSkills champions to engage with Chinese students, giving them skills demonstrations, taster sessions and the opportunity to take part in mini-competitions.

Our Roadshows give Chinese students a glimpse of the heights that can be reached through a commitment to vocational training. So far we've reached over 70,000 young people. 

Our most recent Roadshow travelled to Beijing, Hangzhou and Chengdu. In between learning how to mend cars and design websites, young Chinese students were wowed by a Gold medal winning brick layer putting up a three foot wall in a matter of minutes. A former cookery competitor and current chef at Eton also taught students how to make English scones.

Building partnerships through skills competitions

We help UK and Chinese colleges to use skills competitions as a basis on which to build longer lasting and wider ranging partnerships.

One recent success story has been the partnership between Highbury College in London and GZITTC in Guangzhou. Students from the two colleges have competed together at the UK Skills Competition and also been highly successful at WorldSkills competitions. The two colleges are now planning a joint project aimed at showcasing international fashion.

Developing vocational standards

We are working with WorldSkills International and Chinese and British colleges to develop the standards which WorldSkills use to judge competitors into a set of commonly used international occupational standards. 

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