What we do

The UK is a key partner for China in higher education. With British Council support, China has developed sustained partnerships with the UK in higher education quality, assessment and leadership. 

Working with networks of policy makers, university leaders and faculty staff,  we foster partnerships between the UK and China through academic and research collaboration, exchange programmes, capacity building and promoting student mobility. 

Our Internationalising Higher Education programme, comprising of policy dialogues and research, shapes and informs the global agendas in higher education, bringing mutual benefits to the UK and China. Themes include access and diversity, quality assurance, leadership and management, employability, roles in regional development, and the impact and relevance of higher education. The programme also aims to advance knowledge through education policy research collaboration and through engagement with reform agendas.

Our partnership and collaboration programme connects people, institutions and business enterprises in China and the UK, providing a means to share and build common agendas. We advance engagement in key sectors such as creative industry, technology transfe and low carbon solutions. 

We also manage UK-China Higher Education Research Partnership for PhD Studies (UKCPIE) which aims to promote collaboration between the UK and China in joint training of PhD students, in view of creating long-term and mutually-beneficial university partnerships between the two countries.

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