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Newton Fund

The Newton Fund is a new initiative launched by the British Government in December 2013, which is intended to strengthen research and innovation partnerships with 15 developing countries, including China. It will deliver £375 million of funding over the course of five years. 


The fund is known in China as UK-China Research and Innovation Partnership Fund, which is a £200 million fund between UK and China, and covers three broad categories of activities:

  • People: improving science and innovation expertise, student and researcher fellowships, mobility schemes and joint centres.
  • Programmes: researcher collaborations on development topics
  • Translation: innovation partnerships and challenge funds to develop innovative solutions on development topics


Applications are welcome in the following areas:

  • Health/Life sciences
  • Environmental technologies
  • Food and water security
  • Energy
  • Urbanisation
  • Education and creative economy


The programmes implemented by the British Council China which operates as the Cultural and Education Section of the British Embassy, fall under the “People” category, and include:

Researcher Connect

Researcher Connect is a series of short interactive modules for researchers at any stage of their career and from any academic discipline. It focuses on the development of excellent communication skills using English language in international, multi-cultural contexts. It is appropriate for B2 (Upper Intermediate) level learners and above, and will enable learners to communicate their research effectively with a range of audiences in appropriate academic and/or professional styles.

PhD Placement Programme

The PhD Placement Programme will fund individual Chinese PhD students to spend a period between one and 12 months in the UK, or vice versa. The PhD supervisor will need to visit the host institution for a short time while the PhD placement is taking place. This will enable the supervisors to exchange knowledge with their peers in country, but also to understand the different research contexts and constraints which the students are working within.