Researcher Connect is a series of short interactive modules for researchers at any stage of their career and from any academic discipline. It focuses on the development of excellent communication skills using English language in international, multi-cultural contexts. It is appropriate for B2 (Upper Intermediate) level learners and above, and will enable learners to communicate their research effectively with a range of audiences in appropriate academic and/or professional styles.

Researcher Connect is supported by the UK-China Research and Innovation Partnership Fund, also known as the Newton Fund. It will enable both the UK and China to build on these existing relationships over the next five years and to enhance the global impact of UK-Chinese science and research.

Why choose Researcher Connect?

Researcher Connect was developed after extensive global market research, and has been run successfully in Europe, North Africa and South Asia. Researcher Connect is specifically designed for academic researchers to develop the professional skills required to better communicate their work, leading to:

  • improved performance in publishing and presenting
  • closer international and private sector collaborations
  • increased employability

For your institute, this could mean:

  • Stronger representation at conferences
  • Increased publication rates
  • Higher quality funding applications
  • Stronger international reputation and ranking

It is open to higher education institutions, research bodies and educational departments.

For further information, please download the flyer or contact us.