We have partnered with some of your favourite newspapers and magazines to provide English learning materials for all ages. You can find our tailor-made English content in partner publications such as 21st Century Newspaper, English Weekly Newspaper and Student English Newspaper.

For kids

Our LearnEnglish Kids series includes features such as wordsearches, tongue twisters, stories and jokes. +Our animated songs and stories are created by the British Council’s language learning experts


For teens

Our LearnEnglish Teens series is about life in the UK, focusing on describing different aspect of culture and modern life in the UK. Each article is accompanied by a pre-reading vocabulary task and activities such as comprehension exercise.

For professionals

Our LearnEnglish Professionals series is for those who use English in the workplace. Topics include climate change, knowledge management, business ethics and change management, with articles accompanied by activities.

For parents and teachers

Our LearnEnglish Family series provides information and expert advice to parents on how you can support your children in learning English outside the classroom. Topics include ‘speaking English with your child’, ‘helping your child learn English through picture books’ and ‘supporting your child through learning rhymes’. The articles feature fun activities which you can do with you children, as well as short comprehension tasks, wordsearches and cartoons.

For general English learners

Our LearnEnglish General series caters for all levels, from beginners to those who are more advanced. We cover a wide range of topics, from life in the UK to sport. Articles are accompanied by interactive exercises to help you improve.