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Dec 2023: China TeachingEnglish Online ‘Key Takeaways’ Session Concluded

Concluding the British Council China's ‘Teacher Takeaway Webinar Series’ for 2023, this key takeaway session was delivered by Chen Li, the Senior Academic Manager at the British Council China. The focus of this session is to distil and present the core insights from the 29 dynamic presentations featured in the flagship event "China TeachingEnglish Online Conference 2023". 

The webinar featured a concise overview of the key points from all 29 dynamic presentations delivered during the conference. Chen spotlighted the most impactful ideas and strategies and introduced relevant teaching resources for educators to implement in their classrooms. This session is a valuable opportunity for attendees to gain a consolidated understanding of the latest trends and methodologies in English language teaching, as discussed in the conference.

November 2023:2023 TeachingEnglish Conference successfully concluded

Spanning 29 sessions, the conference attracted enthusiastic participation from Chinese English teachers across China, including those from remote inland areas, and amassed over 90,000 live views. A remarkable 8,657 comments and shares indicated substantial engagement with expert presentations on topics such as: innovation in language teaching, curriculum development, teacher agency, diverse learning environments and incorporating EDI & SDGs. China Net and xinhua.com also raised awareness of the conference through a combined 1,190,000 views of the opening and closing sessions.

The conference served as a unique platform for cross-regional collaboration and exchange between Chinese teachers, teacher educators and leading experts. It provided access to an extensive repository of teaching resources.

UK speaker and ELTons winner, Stephen Haggard, commented: ‘I'd just like to thank the British Council team who've put this series together. It's an amazing team, really technically proficient. It's been a real pleasure to work with you and to engage with the China audience.’

October 2023:‘China TeachingEnglish Online Conference 2023’ Generates Strong Interest

The 'China TeachingEnglish Online Conference 2023' has generated substantial interest since launching on October 9th. Spanning 29 sessions, the conference features English language education experts from the UK and China exploring highly relevant themes for today's English teachers.

Early feedback indicates strong engagement amongst the target audience of English teaching professionals in China. A seminar presented in Chinese on ‘China’s New English Curriculum Standard and English Learning Activities’ by Professor Wang Qiang of Beijing Normal University has been especially popular, hitting over 7,000 live views.

Many teachers attending the conference events have stated that this online series has greatly benefited their own professional development. The high participation and feedback underscores the continued strong demand for quality English teacher CPD content in China.

With wide-ranging topics and renowned experts from both China and abroad, the conference provides a unique opportunity for cross-regional collaboration and exchange. The British Council aims for participants to gain access to the latest methodologies and an extensive body of teaching resources to implement in their classrooms.

September 2023:‘China TeachingEnglish Online Conference 2023’ commencing on Oct.9th

Building on almost 90 years of global expertise in English language teaching and 40 years of dedicated support for Chinese English teachers, the English Programmes team in China is proud to present the 'China TeachingEnglish Online Conference 2023,' commencing on October 9th. This flagship month-long ELT event brings together English language education experts from the UK and China, providing a platform to explore stimulating themes and topics such as: enhancing teacher agency, forging new paths for professional development, exchanging teaching experiences, and sharing innovative practices in English language teaching.

On 22 September 2023 the English Programmes team and NCET (the National Centre for Education Technology) jointly organised the ‘Primary and Secondary English Teachers’ Professional Development Seminar’ in Yanggu County, Shandong province. Teachers and teacher educators accessed and learned from valuable case studies and findings that have emerged from the British Council’s National Online Development for English Language Teachers (NODE) project. During the event participants also discussed how quality resources such as Teaching for Success could more widely benefit English teachers at county levels.

August 2023:The 7th Teacher Takeaway Webinar from the English Programmes Team

The 7th Teacher Takeaway Webinar from the English Programmes Team (China) took place on Friday August 25th, with a focus on ‘Implementing 'Teaching, Learning, and Evaluation Integration' in ELT Classrooms’. In the context of the new curriculum standards, the webinar explored practical insights and pathways for achieving seamless integration of teaching, learning, and evaluation. By the end of the webinar, teacher participants had gained a deeper understanding of the background, principles, and key elements of the topic area. They learned how to objectively analyse lessons from the perspective of integration, fostering a more rational and profound view of teaching practice and acquired new skills to help craft their own classroom lessons. 

July 2023:Organise an Online Teacher Research Mentoring Webinar

Project: NODE project research strand learning impact sharing event

On July 8, 2023, the 2022 NODE ‘Online Teacher Research Mentoring for Professional Learning: Experiences of Chinese English Teachers’ webinar was held by the British Council to promote how teachers could develop their own professional development abilities through localised exploratory action research to help address their own classroom challenges and questions. 

From March to June 2023, as part of the NODE project, a contextualised research project was supported through the online mentoring of a renowned group of international and Chinese teacher researchers, including Dr Harry Kuchah Kuchah and Dr Zhang Ronggan.

A high level of interest and engagement from the audience demonstrated the relevance and practicality of the project in the local context. The event was held in English with the recording made publicly accessible to benefit teachers more widely. You can also find details of the NODE project report here.