Focusing on three different themes, the Festival encourages audiences to #ReConnect with nature, community and the self through a variety of exhibitions, talks, panel discussions, film screenings and performances. #ReConnect with Nature explores the deep relationship between humans and nature; #ReConnect with Community explores the connection and consequence of human experience and our community; and #ReConnect with Self supports individuals to increase empathy and self-awareness.  

Highlight projects under #ReConnect with Nature include:  

  • British visual artist Celyn Bricker’s first solo exhibition in China, titled The Fifth Season. Bringing together interactive, AI generated artworks, paintings and prototypes, the exhibition held in Beijing explores our relationship with nature and new technology. 
  • An online talk held in partnership with the Natural History Museum, -titled Our Broken Planet: How We Got Here and Ways to Fix. It sees young changemakers from the UK and China debate why and how our relationship with the natural world needs to change. 
  • Eye of the Storm, a documentary film featuring Scottish landscape painter James Morrison was screened in Shanghai, directed by award-winning director Anthony Baxter. 
  • Dog Ballet, from the London International Festival of Theatre, is a webinar about a new participatory work of public art to celebrate the community around dogs and their owners to appreciate the joy and tenderness that can be found in these relationships of mutual care.  

Highlight projects under #ReConnect with Community include: 

  • O’r Graig, a short documentary featuring slate mines in North Wales, which have recently been designated UNESCO heritage status. 
  • Journey to the Eyeth Art, a virtual art gallery showcasing the creativity of deaf artists in an imaginary world called Eyeth and a celebration of inclusiveness in the art for all. 
  • Match Make is a series of short films which paired 8 dance artists and 8 artist collaborators during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, which include natural, industrial, rural, urban and coastal settings throughout Northern Ireland.   

Highlight projects  under  #ReConnect with Self include: 

  • Time to Dance China, an international digital collaboration between the Scottish Ballet and Body On and On designed to deliver dementia-friendly dance activities for elderly people as well as a dance film screening.
  • An online solo exhibition of works by award-winning British artist Sir Christopher Le Brun, in addition to an online talk between Sir Christopher Le Brun and renowned art critic, writer and curator Shen Qilan.