We are the UK’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. We create international opportunities for the people of the UK and China. 

We have worked with millions of young people in China and thousands of professionals and policy makers through our English, exams, arts, education and society programmes. That includes:

  • Our cultural seasons programme reaches more than 12 million people in 2022
  • China Now, a member-based service for UK arts organisations and artists with an interest in mainland China and Hong Kong, engages with over 1,000 UK subscribers
  • Study UK engages each year with more than 750,000 UK alumni in China
  • Generation UK enables record numbers of young people from the UK to gain study or internship experiences in China, now over 12,000 a year
  • International Education Services helps 200 UK education institutions to engage with China
  • The Newton Fund helps 3,000 researchers to develop new research collaborations
  • The Mandarin Excellence programme helps 11,000 pupils in England to become fluent Chinese speakers in partnership with DfE
  • Premier Skills benefits 1.3 million young people in China in partnership with the Premier League
  • We administer more than 1 million examinations in partnership with UK boards and awarding bodies in 2023
  • We are engaging with 75 million language learners through our self-access English language learning content

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