Joining forces with the British Council offers our partners significant tangible benefits. Partnering with us can mean anything from one-off event sponsorship to long-term collaboration.

Engage your target audience

Partner with the British Council and we can help connect, engage and inspire your target audience, both online and offline, whether it’s young professionals or high-achieving students.

Enhance your brand

A globally trusted brand, the British Council has been championing the best that the UK has to offer for 80 years. Via our events, online campaigns and social media networks, we will boost your brand in China, the UK and globally.

Achieve your CSR goals

We can help you meet your Corporate Social Responsibility targets. From development and promotion to building relationships and gaining employee buy-in, we can ensure that your efforts bear rich rewards.

Access our global networks

The British Council operates in over 100 countries and territories, connecting thousands of organisations and millions of people. We have long-standing relationships and strategic partnerships with government leaders, policy makers, senior advisors and the wider public. And so can you.

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