We have already been active in language assessment support in the East Asia region, and our feedback has been highly positive.


“…I really enjoyed the conference too! It was very well-designed and well run. Lots of thought-provoking talks, and good opportunities for interaction. You've set the bar high for future online language assessment conferences.” 

New Directions 2020, Plenary speaker Prof. Luke Harding

"The event was great and I know that the next one will be much better. I trust you. Great job!!!"

 New Directions 2020, anonymous

The revisions of the China team were very useful for the English CSE launch, detailed feedback and glossary suggestions were sent to different module leads for discussion and possible implementation. The China team work helped us improve the English versions from linguistic consistency and academic perspectives and we are very grateful for the time and effort they have invested.” 

Mengmeng Cheng, Deputy Director of Foreign Language Assessment Department; National Education and Examinations Authority, China

“It was a great workshop with much thinking, interaction and knowledge exchanged.” 

Zoe Zhang, Examinations Business Development Manager; British Council, Taiwan

“Evan was definitely on fire when delivering the workshop, he was able to make the audience active with comments and questions, and the training content was really packed.”

Aria Buditama, Assistant Exams Marketing Manager; British Council, Indonesia

It was a great talk and a nice start for teachers to know much more about CEFR; the trainer was marvelous and all the teachers coming together were great too; other teachers’ feedback was also positive. Could never thank you enough!

Chienchou Chen, Minglun Senior High School, Taiwan

For more information, please contact us at EAASTenquiries@britishcouncil.org.cn