22 September - 10 November, in Shanghai Himalayas Museum

CURRENT | 不合时宜: Contemporary Art from Scotland is a two-year four-phase contemporary art exhibition and forum programme, that showcases for the first time in China the distinctiveness of contemporary art made in Scotland, its grass-roots spirit and its keen debates with the social and political dimensions of art and culture.

With its first phases opened by Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon in 2015 as a project in 2015 UK-China Year of Cultural Exchange, the third phase of this exhibition will be curated by the Cooper Gallery in collaboration with the Himalayas Art Museum in China.

Phase three presents work by Bruce McLean and Ross Sinclair. From two different generations, they share a set of concerns that manifest a challenging and reflexive characteristic of contemporary art in Scotland, which is always willing to creatively question what appears as conventional. Bruce McLean is one of the major figures of the contemporary British Art. Always satirical and parotic, McLean’s performances, often with a politically critical stance, interrogate the hierarchies, values and assumptions invested in sculpture.

This exhibition is in partnership with the British Council.