Senior Counsel, GSKAlumna of Durham University 

Senior Counsel, GSK | Alumna of Durham University

Ying Ji’s rich experience makes her influential in China’s Intellectual Property (IP) sector. Committed to improving IP protection in China, Ying has been engaged in this field since obtaining her Master's degree in Law from Durham University in 2006. Ying is currently responsible for GSK's brand protection in the Greater China region. Ying has also contributed greatly to the joint governance and protection of IP rights with law enforcement bodies, IP rights holders, and international organisations. Ying is Vice Chairman of the Quality Brand Protection Committee (QBPC) of China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment (CAEFI), coordinating the efforts of more than 20 members of the QBPC pharmaceutical industry group in protecting IP rights. Ying has been invited to numerous international seminars and forums to share her experience in IP protection. Before joining GSK, Ying worked in a well-known law firm helping Chinese and foreign companies protect their IP rights.

The cultural diversity of the UK had a profound impact on Ying. While promoting the protection of IP rights, Ying makes use of the legal theories and expertise she learnt in the UK to analyse problems and provide guidance from an international perspective.