The Grammar section has 25 questions. Each question offers you three multiple-choice answers, and you will have up to 12 minutes to answer all the questions.

The Vocabulary section has 25 questions. You will have up to 13 minutes to answer all the questions. There are four types of questions:

  1. Synonym matching:

Word matching – synonyms are words with the same, or similar meaning. For example,‘speak’ is a synonym of ‘talk’, but it is not a synonym of ‘walk’. Your task is to match two words with the same or similar meaning from the drop-down list (you will have to select five words from ten options).

2. Meaning in context:

Sentence completion – you have to complete the sentence by selecting a word from the drop-down list that perfectly fits in the blank space. Choose the answer only after you have understood the meaning of the words from the context (select five words from ten options).

3. Definition matching:

Matching words to definitions – you have to select a word from the drop-down list that best fits the definition (select five words from ten options).

4. Collocation matching:

Word matching – match the words most commonly used together by selecting a word in the drop-down list that matches the word on the left (choose five words from ten options).

Watch APTIS grammar and vocabulary test demo video