Assessment issue from clients:

- The original international curriculum entrance test was designed by teachers, and the students who did not meet the admission criteria were required to attend language classes. However, some parents questioned the validity of the school’s own test results.

 - When teaching staff design a test with the results being the rationale behind why to teach, there can be risks

The solution from Aptis:

- Use Aptis for Teens, as an entry, placement and final test solution

- Obtain the trust of the parents and teachers by using a test, designed by an organisation which is a global authority on language assessment

- Measure the four English language skills using a test that can accurately reliably and comprehensively reflect the real English proficiency of the students

- Produce test results quickly (within 48 hours), to save time when there are high volume student admissions and placements to consider

- Provide a double  reporting system to reflect the students’ English proficiency levels, for more accurate placement and measurement of teaching quality.


Client Feedback:

"Aptis helps our students experience and be familiar with international English assessment exams, and have an objective understanding of their English proficiency. As a teacher who has taken Aptis, the test report gives me great inspiration, not only the objective scores but also the detailed analysis. This can assist students understand their own English level and help them to improve their English proficiency accordingly.”