Linking foreign language ability assessment system of the city to international standard, improving level of talent training, supporting international transformation of the city 

Challenges of English Teaching:

  • English exams designed by teachers lack accuracy and fairness.
  • Existing exams could not measure the actual English ability of students with efficiency.
  • Organising exams is time-consuming and laborious.

Reform of English Assessment:

  • Aptis for Teens is employed as placement test at the beginning, and Aptis General is employed as end-term exam. The four language abilities are measured accurately.
  • Test results are generated within 48 hours and display CEFR levels, reflecting students' actual ability to use English and supporting tailored teaching.
  • The British Council provide on-site support on administration and IT, releasing burden of teachers.


  • Students' grades show significant improvement, and over 60 students score more than 7 in a single section of IELTS.

Advancing Education Level of the City:

Inspired and encouraged by the case of Cambridge International Centre, Daqing NO.1 Middle School, Daqing Municipal Government introduce Aptis to link foreign language ability assessment system of the city to international standard, increasing social participation in English learning and assessment. Efforts are made in three aspects:

  • Encouraging Learning through Testing

Daqing Municipal Government hold English competition for the city, and understand the English proficiency of the city's middle school students and the current situation of English teaching at each school through sampling. 

  • Advancing Teaching through Testing

The Government conduct an English level assessment of the city's English teachers using Aptis, and stratify them according to their Aptis CEFR level for customised English teaching training. After the training, Aptis is applied again to achieve dynamic tracking. According to the test scores, evaluation files and incentive mechanisms of all teachers are gradually established to effectively help improve their teaching level.

  • Improving Researching through Testing

Daqing Municipal Government and the British Council jointly hold an academic conference on English assessment to advance academic exchange.