Assessment issue from clients:

- Original, self-designed grading test lacked accuracy and reliability

- Too much time and manpower were being used to organise exams.

- Students needed to be filtered more quickly and efficiently

 The solution from Aptis:

- Use Aptis for Teens as the entrance test, with Aptis General taken as the final test.

- Measure the four English language skills using a test that can accurately reliably and comprehensively reflect the real English proficiency of the students.

- As the test implementation is flexible, the school could arrange and schedule this in-house.

- Produce test results quickly (within 48 hours), so admission decisions could be made quickly

- An assessment report, based on the results of the students, allowed the teachers to make decisions on teaching requirements.

Client Feedback:

"We used Aptis as an entrance test. Each student took Aptis (Aptis for Teens) to test their English language skills. For the end of year English test, we still chose Aptis (Aptis General), to test all four modules, listening, speaking, reading and writing. Aptis helped us quickly and helped us accurately understand our students' English proficiency.