Assessment issue from clients:

- The evaluation of English curriculum performance at the university, attached importance to reasonable summative assessment. There were various forms of oral language tests, both mid and end of term, but the grading criteria varied

- The cost of implementing and grading oral tests were high and the workload huge.

 The solution from Aptis:

- Use Aptis General speaking module, which can be used as the final exam for all kinds of university spoken English courses.

- Provide the flexibility to purchase the oral module separately, to meet the school’s oral English assessment needs.

- Provide a convenient and efficient test to effectively release the pressure on the  teachers, and improve the quality of the test results.  May 2016, 1100 people took the speaking test over 1.5 days, and within 48 hours the test results came through

- Produce an analysis report  provided by British Council experts in language assessment on the performance of each candidate, to enable teachers to reflect on any changes needed to their teaching.


Client Feedback:


"The introduction of Aptis speaking test is not only effective in freeing up time, it can also reflect our students' English speaking level. With the CEFR level, we have more intuitive understanding of the students’ overall level of oral English. It provides a basis for the prospective study of the future revision of our English courses, at different levels. The second round of oral examinations will be conducted by Shantou University in November 2016. Shantou University intends to introduce Aptis for the graduation test of  Level 4 courses and for postgraduates’ English proficiency testing. In addition, we have been left with a deep impression of the professionalism and excellent service shown by the British Council testing team.