Assessment issue from clients:

- Yunnan Province lacked  authoritative English assessment products to support the provincial English competition (being organized by the Yunnan University of Finance and Economics)

- Additionally, there was a lack of a more scientific selection mechanism and supporting test products

- A lack of experience in large-scale examination organisation

The solution from Aptis:

- Use the Aptis General reading module as a selection tool, and use the Aptis General writing module as a semi-final testing tool

- Use an examination designed by the global authoritative language organisation, the British Council, with the most authoritative English language academic support

-  Measure the four English language skills using a test that can accurately, reliably and comprehensively reflect the real English proficiency of the students

- Ensure easy to implement auditions and semi-finals which contestants can compete in, in all parts of the province.

- Produce a dual scoring reporting system to provide more authentic results on the contestants’ English language level, thus freeing the organising committee from the heavy screening process


Client Feedback:

"The comprehensive application of Aptis in our provincial English competition has not only laid a solid foundation for the competition in the academic field and provide an efficient and more reasonable solution for this kind of contest. It has also provided the chance for all the participants to experience the trend of an international test. Most importantly, through Aptis, all of the participants can improve their English proficiency accordingly.”