Design Forum of 2020 Shenzhen Design Week

Hosted by Shenzhen Design Week & Global Design Award Organizing Committee, organized by China Merchants Shekou Holdings| Sea World Culture and Arts Center, and presented by Design Society, the Design Forum of 2020 Shenzhen Design Week takes Values of Design as its theme. A series of five symposiums focused on five topics: Designing Social Distancing, Designing Museums for the Future, Designing Cities, Seeking the Invisible and The Observer of The Commodity Chain. Taking place on every Saturday of August 2020, it was joined by 28 leading figures from the global design scene. It is also a key program of Go online! Design Society (Go!DS) aiming to explore the impact and potentiality of design towards our society, urban development, culture, technology and manufacture. 

Values of Design Beyond the Pandemic 

When the world is stepping into the new reality of post-coronavirus, what can design do to help us address challenges regarding our environment and ecology, our politics and values, and the various conflicts among different social communities? Through this forum, Design Society hopes to call for active recognition of the role and potential of design as well as wider creative practices. 

Designing Social Distancing 

Design has been gradually broadening its boundaries in recent years, breaking the limitation of physical products, into a mode of thinking and language, in which design takes the impact of society into account. For instance, in the process of rapid urbanization, there are increasing challenges for public wellbeing. Urban planning nowadays needs to consider new configurations of citizenship and neighborhood relationships. 

Moderated by Ole Bouman, founding director of Design Society, this inaugural panel is joined by Joseph Grima, the creative director of the Design Academy Eindhoven and Chief Curator of Design at Triennale di Milano; Richard van der Laken, the energetic engine behind both What Design Can Do and De Designpolitie; Liu Xiaodu, the principal architect and co-founder of URBANUS, the director of the Pingshan Art Museum; Alice Rawsthorn, the New York Times columnist and author of Design as an Attitude; and Deyan Sudjic, the director emeritus of the Design Museum in London and former editor of Domus magazine in Milan. 

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The panel focused on how design has shown and proved its ever-expanding application to the general public -- it is not only a commercial product but also a powerful tool to deal with crisis, solve problems and depict the future. Under the current pandemic, designers begin to re-examine the values of design, for example, the design for social distancing and for emergency have become new design focuses.