Timmy and friends, Kid and Finlay, are back and having fun in the sun! The third app in the ‘Learning Time with Timmy’ series features a new reading game, new videos, stickers and party themes to help young children learn English. 

With this app children will learn over 60 new English words, review vocabulary from the first two ‘Learning Time with Timmy’ apps and boost their cognitive and memory skills.

Watch your child get more confident and improve their memory skills with new game ‘Hatch Match’, which will introduce your child to reading English.

The app is designed for kids aged 2-6 learning English. This app was developed in partnership with Oscar® award-winning Aardman.

Parents and teachers will love

  • Challenging games that improve children’s accuracy, vocabulary, concentration, memory and motor skills
  • New engaging characters and party themes from the ‘Timmy Time’ TV series that motivate and support your child as they learn
  • Revision from the first two apps to reinforce learning of vocabulary
  • No in-app purchases or adverts 

Children will love 

  • Matching pairs in the new game ‘Hatch Match’ which improves their memory and introduces them to reading.
  • Encouragement and support from Timmy and his friends
  • Collecting stickers and video rewards as they make progress 
  • New party and seaside themes in ‘Rub-a-Dub’ and ‘I-Spy’.



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