Learn English mobile app at Xiaomi
LearnEnglish apps on Xiaomi

The British Council officially published four LearnEnglish mobile Apps on Xiaomi Apps Store - LearnEnglish GREAT Videos, LearnEnglish Podcasts, LearnEnglish Kids Stories and IELTS Word Power on 29 December 2014. These Apps are designed and developed professionally by experts and they cover all aspects of English learning.

Focusing on the English cultural experience, LearnEnglish GREAT Videos and LearnEnglish Podcasts provide quality videos and informative podcasts contents based around British culture. The IELTS Word Power provides users with exercises to help them practice and memorise IELTS vocabularies – vocabularies that come up often in the IELTS exam. For child learners, the LearnEnglish Kids: Videos showcases a great selection of world famous fables. They are fun to watch and easy to learn. The App also features a parents section where parents can obtain guidance on how to help their child using this App. We are confident that all English learners are able to find something suitable for their requirements.

Since the second quarter of 2014, Xiaomi has occupied the top market share in China. It is now the market leader in the Chinese smartphone industry. At the end of December 2014, Xiaomi became the world’s most valuable technology start-up. With its 10 million MIUI users Xiaomi is the perfect medium to widen our influence. Following their release, our Apps have made it to the recommendation page on the Xiaomi Apps Store.

If you are a MIUI user, you can search for “British Council” to download these Apps.