The Reading test has 29 questions divided into four tasks that take 35 minutes to complete. The tasks become more difficult as the test progresses. There are four types of questions:

1. Sentence comprehension: In this first section, you will read a short text in the form of a note or an email. For five of the sentences in the text, you need to choose a word to complete each sentence. This part tests your ability to read and understand simple sentences. Make sure you read each sentence and all the possible answers carefully before making your choice.

2. Text cohesion: In this section, there are two different texts. Each text consists of six sentences, but only the first sentence is in the correct place. For each text, you will be asked to put the other five sentences in the correct order to make a complete text. There is only one correct way to organise the sentences.

3. Opinion matching: This part tests your ability to read and understand short texts. Your task is to read four people’s opinions on the same topic. Then you need to read seven statements and decide which person’s opinion matches each statement.

4. Long text comprehension: This part consists of a long text (about 750 words) with a series of headings. Your task is to match seven of the headings to paragraphs in the text. There is always an extra heading that does not fit with any paragraph. This part is designed to test your ability to read and understand a long text. To get the correct answers you need to be able to demonstrate an understanding of how the headings reflect the paragraphs in different ways (sometimes using similar words, sometimes similar ideas, or by sharing a topic).

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