The Writing test has four parts and takes up to 50 minutes to complete. The types of tasks are:

1. Word-level writing: In this first part, you are a member of a club and must respond to five messages. This part does not involve writing sentences, but just individual words or phrases. You should take no more than three minutes to complete this part.

2. Short text writing: This part is about form filling as well, but this time you will have to write sentences. You should take no more than seven minutes to complete this part.

3. Three written parts of the text, all of which require responses: Here, you will have a social network type of interaction, and receive three questions to respond to. You should spend a maximum of ten minutes on this part.

4. Formal and informal writing: In this final part, you have to write an informal email to a friend and a more formal email to an unknown person. Both emails are in response to information about a change. You should spend no more than 20 minutes on this part.

Please note that the timings for each section are recommendations only.

Watch APTIS writing test demo video