The Manchester Network for Creative and Cultural Collaboration with China (MANCCC) is a network established in Manchester in 2019 to make the most of the city’s rich cultural assets to build strategic relationships with China.

MANCCC is working with the British Council in China and the England and Cities team based in Manchester to pilot a Digital Connections through Culture exchange and collaboration programme, using digital technologies to connect cultural leaders and creative practitioners and organisations in Greater Manchester with their counterparts in key target cities in China – Wuhan, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Changsha, and Shenzen.

The programme will focus on those participating from China collaborating digitally and online with those participating in Greater Manchester on a key area of shared interest, with themes focussing on social inclusion, sustainability, and gender equality.

Submission deadline: 30 November 2020

Please view all participating Greater Manchester Organisations on the China Now website.