Since 2006 the British Council has run a well-established UK-China Connections through Culture (CtC) programme, which enables collaboration between creative and cultural professionals in China and the UK. Through brokering connections and offering development grants, CtC has enabled over 400 creative and cultural professionals to see one another's work, exchange skills and co-develop projects.

CtC is designed to be agile, responding to changing sector needs and the wider socio-economic context within the UK and China, and encouraging new collaborations which respond to global challenges such as inclusion, sustainability, and gender equality. 

The grants were provided prior to the Pandemic to support international travel for face-to-face meetings. However, with current travel restrictions, the grants are now mainly used to support online collaborations between China and the UK.

CtC receives additional specific support from the Scottish government for projects with a Scottish connection. 

What does CtC offer?

1.Professional Development Grants - to enable artists or members of arts organisations to work with their counterparts in China or the UK, to develop projects, exchange skills or see each other's work. 

2.Alumni Grants – for previous CtC alumni to access follow-up funding and continue the collaboration, which are only available to alumni who received initial grants in the last 3 years, and are designed to be strategic grants to further facilitate collaboration and part-nerships.

What is the value of each grant?


2022 CtC Grant Application Schedule

Activities Milestones
CtC Grants-Round 38

27 April: open for applying

29 May: application deadline

13 June: result announced 

CtC Grants-Round 39 

27 October: open for applying

27 November: application deadline

12 December: result announced  

Please read the “Notes for applicants” below to find out if you are eligible to apply.

For any queries, please contact: 

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