Romeo & Juliet by Scottish Ballet

Time: 19.30, 5 - 7 February 2015
Venue: Opera House, NCPA
Ticket price: VIP RMB 680, 600, 550, 380, 280,100
Ticket booking: by phone 65516930, online (in Chinese)

Scottish Ballet returns with the powerful reinterpretation of an all time classic, with a unique version of Romeo & Juliet. Incredibly moving and enduringly relevant, the production was set to the world-famous Prokofiev score and created for Scottish Ballet by Polish choreographer Krzysztof Pastor in 2008, and has since gained status as one of the company’s most iconic works.

Set in the 20th century, this passionate story of forbidden love unfolds in three dramatic acts. Beginning in a monochrome Italian metropolis, Pastor shows a world torn apart by conflict with the aid of archive projection of film of First World War trenches. The second act moves to the sepia-toned 1950s in the wake of Mussolini’s Fascist dictatorship. Finally, the third act is set amidst the backdrop of today’s warring nations, dominated by the eerie blue light of the television cameras that report 24/7 from the frontline of global wars.

“Pastor’s choreography is slick and vigorous” - SUNDAY TIMES

"Powerful and gorgeous choreographic expression” - THE GUARDIAN