Building global climate co-operation through arts and culture, education and the English language

The United Kingdom will host the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland from 1 to 12 November 2021. To support COP26 ambitions, the British Council is working with partners worldwide to provide a platform for global climate co-operation, dialogue and action. 

The British Council’s Climate Connection programme brings people around the world together to meet the challenges of climate change. It’s about sharing ideas, developing innovative climate solutions, and taking positive action together.

Drawing on our global network, the programme connects people from different countries, cultures, generations and backgrounds – young people and policy makers, artists and scientists, business and community leaders, and many others. 

In particular, it focuses on the next generation of climate leaders and gives practical support to young people and communities most impacted by climate change, helping them to share their perspectives globally and achieve real change.

With global climate conversations, art and science showcases, university scholarships, funding, research, training opportunities and more, The Climate Connection has something for everyone. Join in to make connections and make a difference.

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