Sino-UK higher education collaboration on architecture 2014

British Council

The British Council’s Going Global Partnerships programme aims to enable a substantial increase in the number and range of pathways and new opportunities for UK and overseas institutions and stakeholders to connect, share knowledge and collaborate directly.

The British Council China launched the Enabling Grants for UK-China Institutional Partnerships through academic collaboration in September 2021, which is designed to enable effective UK-China higher education collaboration, strengthen institutional partnerships and academic collaborations through sharing knowledge and principles of good practice, whilst cooperating on research and capacity building. 

We are pleased to announce that twelve proposals have been chosen for funding, out of more than 50 high quality applications from UK universities and consortia, by the Review Panel team comprised of British Council and Chinese Ministry of Education staff and HE experts from both countries. Selected proposals cover areas including STEM, humanities, and creative arts, with projects ranging from developing a joint digital innovation platform, creating research knowledge exchange, enabling collaborative research among TNE providers, establishing a UK-China net-zero engineering innovation centre, and many others. 

Seed-funding will be provided to each winning UK institution or consortium to partner with China for projects that will strengthen academic exchanges and deepen institutional ties, while delivering real benefit to the education sectors of both countries.

We hope to launch future calls for Enabling Grants. All future grant opportunities will be shared through the British Council Going Global Partnership website. Institutions are encouraged to set up email notifications to ensure you find out about all future opportunities. 

Winning proposals include:

  Proposal name UK leading institution
1 UK-Jiangsu Digital Innovation Platform (UJ-DIP) with Joint Education Programmes in Advanced Manufacturing, Environmental Engineering and Healthcare University of Liverpool on behalf of UK-Jiangsu World Class University Consortium (UK-JS)
2 UK-China Animation: Co-Creation Research Knowledge Exchange  University of Nottingham
3 UK-China Centre in Net-Zero Engineering Innovation Queen’s University Belfast on behalf of UK-China Consortium of Engineering Education and Research (UCEER)
4 UK-China Alliance: Development of the virtual centre of academic excellence for mycotoxin reduction, enhanced nutrition and food safety Cranfield University
5 Enabling collaborative academic development, research & entrepreneurship (eCADRE) across UK-China TNE University of Edinburgh on behalf of UK-China Joint Institute Alliance (JIA)
6 Multifunctional nanocomposites in waste-water treatment University of Central Lancashire
7 Enabling electrolytic hydrogen production from molten salts  Bournemouth University
8 (Re-)connecting Research in China University of Exeter on behalf of UK-China Humanities Alliance (UKCHA) 
9 UCL-NMU-SEU international collaboration on Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: tackling challenges of low generalisability and health inequality University College London
10 Integration and Re-engineering of Architectural Heritage in Guangxi, Inner Mongolia Minority Regions in China with UK Modern Bio-based Construction Technology Edinburgh Napier University
11 Piezoelectric Self-driving Mini-robotics for Micro-control, Precise Positioning and Measurement in Industrial Applications CITY, UNIVERSITY OF LONDON
12 Digital economy and resilient society: governance, sustainability, and harmonisation    University of Manchester