Paul Stein, Chief Scientific Officer at Rolls-Royce

British Council 2015

Paul Stein, Chief Scientific Officer at Rolls-Royce, discusses innovation in technology, talent for the future and a career in the engineering and technology industry.

As Chief Scientific Officer at Rolls-Royce, Paul Stein leads the group in setting the company’s technological and business direction in view of market and technology trends. He examines areas where alternative technological and innovative approaches could lead to competitive advantages for Rolls-Royce. Paul is also responsible for fostering an innovation culture, and identifies and develops talent that will ensure Rolls-Royce continues to remain a leading name in its industry.

In his Smart Talk, Paul shared with the audience his thoughts and insights into how to define and evaluate innovation in a world-class, technology-driven company, how to foster an innovation culture, and develop the right talent to prepare the organization for the future. He also looked at the current global technology innovation trends and talked on a more personal level about his university experience in the UK and how this shaped his career in the technology and innovation industry.