This research collaboration and mobility programme of the International Science Partnerships Fund (ISPF) delivered by the British Council on behalf of the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) is designed as a bilateral funding programme between the United Kingdom (UK) and China to create and strengthen collaborative networks in interdisciplinary research in Resilient Planet that can lead the green industrial revolution to protect the planet and address major environmental challenges.


The international research collaboration programme, with a specific emphasis on a resilient planet, serves as a platform to unite researchers, policymakers, and representatives from international organisations. This programme will have the following overarching objectives:

Knowledge exchange

Provides a platform for researchers from different countries to share their research findings, methodologies, and best practices related to building a resilient planet.

Networking and collaboration

Brings together early career researchers from diverse academic and cultural backgrounds. It offers an opportunity for networking, fostering collaborations, and building professional relationships that can lead to joint research projects and future partnerships.

Promote interdisciplinary research

A resilient planet requires a holistic approach that involves multiple disciplines such as environmental science, sustainability, social sciences, and engineering. The forum can encourage interdisciplinary research by facilitating discussions and interactions between researchers from different fields.

Capacity Building

By engaging with experienced researchers, mentors, and invited speakers, early career researchers can enhance their research skills, gain new perspectives, and learn about funding opportunities or career development strategies.

Policy Impact

Offers a platform for early career researchers to present their work to policymakers, government officials, and representatives from international organisations. This can influence policy debates, decision-making processes, and lead to evidence-based policies that promote a more resilient planet.

How to Apply

Call for Applications: International Symposium on Resilient Planet