About Innovate99 Impact Investment Consulting

A dream of serving the 99%

Innovate99 Impact Investment Consulting promote the development of social enterprise in China to achieve the biggest social impact possible. We provide world class consulting services including strategic planning, financial modelling and venture funding. In a China, social needs far exceed the capacity to provide. If we want to reach 99% of those in needs, we must go beyond traditional charity and use impact investment to achieve scalable impact. Profitable social enterprises can achieve the level of impact unreachable by charity organizations. As a pioneer of impact investment in China, we will never stop until we reach the 99%.


Steve Koon
As the Lead Consultant for British Council ’s Social Innovation program and Founder of Innovate99 (a social investment firm) in China, Steve pioneers innovative strategy to solve social problems with business solutions. After graduated in social entrepreneurship from Harvard Kennedy School in 2007, he helped started the first social entrepreneurship program in the Philippines at Ateneo de Manila University. In business, he specializes in high potentials development in China. He has taught over 50,000 managers in business strategy and leadership. Prior to moving to China, Steve was a Principal Consultant at PA Consulting Group, the largest consulting firm in Britain.

Steve has over 15 years of executive and consulting experiences at multinationals. He started his career at The New York Times in New York. When he moved back to Hong Kong, he became the Training Manager for Merck and Honeywell for Greater China. Moving up to Asia Pacific management, he worked as the Operation Director Asia for BEA Systems, the fourth largest software company in the world. His comprehensive career profile enables him to develop expertise across the entire spectrum of managing a business in Asia and China.

Jolin Wang
An expert in diverse areas industries media, investment and charity, Jolin has more than 15 years senior management experiences. She started her career at China Central Television (CCTV) as a Program Producer and Anchor and then became the General Manager of a major media company handling wide ranges of media businesses from intellectual property investment, music publishing to media products store franchise. She also helped to set up a media subsidiary of a major corporation in Jie Jiang Province. She founded Love db (爱的分贝), a charity raised over RMB 20 million to help deaf children.

Laura Liu
Senior Partner: Beijing Shang An Law Firm

Focus in business law, she provided legal services in corporate law and labour law to major corporations in China. Her specialties include corporate governance design, business operation and risk management, human resources advisory, intellectual properties management, strategic partnership negotiation and arbitration.

Investment Initiative

1)Project name: Innovate99 Star Award

2)Investment target
Equity investment - award 1 social enterprise with RMB 1 million investment.

3)Investment principles
Promote impact investment in China to achieve scalable social impact until reaching 99% of those in needs.

4)Investment process
Winners will receive the first round of at least RMB 100,000 investment after the award ceremony. The rest of the investment, RMB 900,000, will be awarded based on achieving mutually agreed milestones.

5)Exit option
IPO, shares buy back, or merger & acquisition.

6) Focus area
No specific focus areas

7)Selection criteria
a) Strong execution with long-term strategic focus
b) Has the potential to become a success model for social enterprise
c) Create scalable social impact in terms of jobs and wealth creation
d) Create innovative products and services to develop the entire sector or industry

Together with the winners, Innovate99 will continue the journey of creating salable social impact for China through impact investment.

8) in-depth communication and resources matching
The list of applicants entering the phase of in-depth communication and resources matching will be announced in late December 2014 and investors will provide in-depth communication with different duration and consulting services to their applicants from January to February 2015.

The mentoring team of Innovate99 Impact Investment Consulting will provide the consulting service to its selected applicants within two months after the Fair for Social Investment.

9)Advantage and successful investment cases
Lang Lang Dyslexic School in Beijing

As one of the first formal social investment success case in China, Lang Lang opened the door for impact investors from Asia. A group of impact investors from Asia, including Hong Kong, investment USD 700,000 to help build the first dyslexic school in China.

Golden Sun Home Care Elderly Services

Golden Sun is the largest home care elderly services company in Fuzhou city providing service to more than 100,000 members. Pioneering a unique social business model to combine NGO and commercial service, Golden Sun received a RMB 5 million seed funding under the guidance of Innovate99 in 2013. Started from Fuzhou City, Golden Sun has extended services to 3 more cities and plan pining to increase membership to 200,000 by the end of 2014.