A Mid Summer Night's Dream. ©

Anne Corrance Monk

Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre
7-23 October 2016

The Dreamer is a Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre and Gecko co-production, adapted from A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare and Tang Xianzu’s dream plays. A world premiere inspired by “the dream”, it is a newly commissioned work, supported by the British Council, for the award-winning and internationally-acclaimed UK physical theatre company Gecko, to work with Shanghai’s most prominent theatre company. 

Story outline:

Helena finally finds the man of her dreams but when she realises she can’t keep him, she falls deep into a stormy landscape of extraordinary visions, hideous nightmares and vivid memories.

In the world she lives in, true love is hard to come. With her parents desperate for her to find happiness and her friends all having babies, Helena is under pressure. When she finally finds the right man, there is a catch. He only exists in her dreams…

When it comes to love, the lines between reality and fantasy often blur. In this vivid new work from internationally acclaimed Gecko those lines will completely disappear. The Dreamer merges emotionally driven movement, a spine tingling soundscape and striking visual storytelling.