Hallé 150 The Bridgewater Hall  ©

credit Joel Chester Fildes

Wuhan Qintai Concert Hall, 12 July 2016
Shanghai Grand Theatre, 14-15 July 2016
Beijing NCPA, 16-17 July 2016

The Hallé Orchestra, Britain's longest-established professional symphony orchestra, presents a series of concerts based on the music of Shakespeare, with some performances featuring renowned Chinese cellist, Jian Wang.

From the rowdy drinking songs of Prince Hal and his friends to the ‘hey nonny nonny’ from Much Ado About Nothing, Shakespeare’s plays teem with tunes that reflects British cultural heritage, as well as the music of the wider Renaissance. These concerts celebrate this collection of musical pieces by taking them out of the familiar setting of the plays and reworking them into an exciting performance that is as surprising as it is charming.