Model Kovaleva Olga as Ophelia.  ©

Photo by Ann Galkina.

Shakespeare Lives in Photography was an opportunity for photographers to present Shakespeare's global influence in a modern and refreshing way.

The competition run by the British Council produced 11 winners, who chose to creatively reference scenes from a Shakespeare play, his influence on literature or capture a famous Shakespearean location.

Take a look at the winning photography. Do you have a favourite?

Many flowers are not flowers any more.  Photo by Milana Videnov.
Many flowers are not flowers any more.  ©

Photo by Milana Videnov.

Puck, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Photo by Anneleen Lindsay.
Puck.  ©

Photo by Anneleen Lindsay.

King Lear by Taiwan’s Contemporary Legend Theatre.  ©

Photo by Eoin Carey.

The Sam Wanamaker Festival 2015 at Shakespeare's Globe. ©

Photo by Cesare De Giglio.

The Tempest by Present Moment Theatre Lab. Photo by Claire Williams.
The Tempest by Present Moment Theatre Lab.  ©

Photo by Claire Williams.

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