As part of Shakespeare Lives, “Play Your Part” backs on Sina Weibo to celebrate the launch of Shakespeare on Metro. From August 31st to the end of December, passengers on Shanghai Metro Line 2 will have the chance to ride on this special Shakespeare train.

We now encourage you to share your encounters with Shakespeare on Metro: a photo, a short video, or some lines, when you take a ride on the special train. You will have the opportunity to win special Shanghai Metro day passes issued to commemorate the 400th-year of the death of Shakespeare, Chinese playwright Tang Xianzu, and Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes.

Shakespeare on the Metro

British Council

Shanghai Metro invited local artist Zhu Gang to illustrate these three literature masters in Chinese ink wash. You can also purchase special day passes at metro stations at People’s Square, Nanjing Road West, Shanghai Library and Hongqiao Train Station.

The special Shakespeare on Metro train is decorated with 48 selected quotes from 19 of The Bard’s works, ranging from Hamlet to Henry V. Shanghai Translators Association provided Chinese translations. Posters on the train also introduced six upcoming Shakespeare Lives events which include the digital interactive game SHAKESpeare and Shakespeare Globe’s China tour of “The Merchant of Venice.”