The British Council today announced the recipients of the Study UK Alumni Awards 2021-22 in China at a ceremony in Beijing. In total, 11 UK alumni in China were recognised for their outstanding achievements as business professionals, entrepreneurs and community leaders, and for their contribution to strengthening ties between the UK and China.

Following in-depth interviews with a judging panel, recipients were selected for the four award categories: Science and Sustainability Award, Culture and Creativity Award, Social Action Award, and Business and Innovation Award.

The prestigious international award celebrates UK higher education and the achievements of UK alumni all over the world. Now in its eighth year, the award received more than 1,500 applications from international UK alumni in more than 100 countries, representing more than 140 UK higher education institutions across the UK. 

Science and Sustainability Award was presented to He Baihuiqian, a graduate of University of Edinburgh. Culture and Creativity Award was presented to Xie Yi, a graduate of King's College London. The Social Action Award was presented to Chen Zemin, a graduate of University of Manchester. The Business and Innovation Award was presented to Wang Wen, a graduate of University of Aberdeen.

Science and Sustainability Award - Recognising alumni who have distinguished themselves through their career and achievements in the world of science and sustainability, and who can demonstrate the impact and scale of their achievements in their profession, and beyond.

Culture and Creativity Award - Recognising alumni who have carved a career for themselves in arts and culture. We are looking for individuals who can demonstrate their artistic ingenuity, influence and creativity.

Social Action Award - Recognising alumni who have made an exceptional contribution and commitment to creating positive social change and improving the lives of others.

Business and Innovation Award - Recognising alumni who are active in initiating and contributing to innovative or creative new ideas, solutions or business opportunities, that have the potential for growth.

Matt Burney, Country Director at the British Council in China, spoke through the video that “It is our mission to connect people to life changing opportunities the UK has to offer. The success stories of a handful of some of the 750,000 Chinese alumni that have studied in the UK and that have contributed to building the people to people bridge that help us move forward through thick and thin. You are the embodiment of the ties that exist between our two countries.”

Leina Shi, Director of Education at the British Council in China, said: “It allows us to celebrate the role international students play in making the UK one of the most diverse, dynamic and rewarding higher education destinations for international study. It also allows us to recognise the achievements and contributions our alumni from China have made to their communities. The UK cares deeply about celebrating their success, and while they no longer study and live in Great Britain and Northern Ireland, they somehow remain connected to it.

The Alumni Awards global winners will be announced in September 2022.

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