The Spirit of Youth award recognises a significant and unique contribution from a UK alumnus to UK-China collaboration across the campaign’s pillars of education, culture and creative industries, sport, science and innovation, health and tourism.


Li Ruijiao (Ricky) - University of Essex and University of Liverpool

Li Ruijiao is the co-founder, product director and roboticist of AMY Robotics, an innovative technology company focusing on the research and development of service robots. 

Li graduated with a BSc in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Liverpool, and went on to complete an MRes Computer Science in Robotics at the University of Essex. He believes that the excellent research environment and cutting-edge technology he had access to in the UK continue to influence him to the present day.

Zhao Jing - Teesside University

Zhao Jing is a TV documentary producer focusing on international co-productions. She has co-produced more than 20 programmes, which have been broadcast to audiences in more than 150 countries. 

Zhao notes that the placements and internship opportunities available while studying in the UK allowed her to gain insights into the documentary production industry and build up a strong network of contacts. Using documentary production as a tool, Ms Zhao wants to keep sharing China with the world.


Zhao Xuming (Alex) - University of Oxford

Zhao Xuming is the Head of iHealth Chronic Care, a healthcare start-up company based in China and the official healthcare partner of Apple and Google. Mr Zhao works with leading teaching hospitals on managing diabetes patients remotely and is leading on a project to develop a remote patient monitoring system in collaboration with the Ministry of Health in Singapore. 

Mr Zhao believes that his UK education unlocked his potential and sparked his interest in healthcare.