This award recognises alumni who are active in initiating, or contributing to, innovative new ideas or business opportunities with strong growth prospects.


2017-18 Finalists

Liu Quan (Coco) - Imperial College London

Liu Quan started her business, ToMASTER, while studying for an MBA degree in the UK. ToMASTER is a platform that works with global artists to bring artworks into public spaces in China. 

Ms Liu particularly enjoyed the UK’s rich arts and cultural scene. She believes that her passion for the arts was reinforced while studying in the UK and was the reason for her pursuing a career in this field. 


Lu Gang - University of Sheffield

Mr Lu is the founder and CEO of TechNode, a leading bilingual international technology news platform in China, covering the latest technology developments and start-up stories in China. It reaches millions of readers every month and has become a trusted resource for the technology industry. 

Mr Lu’s experience of studying in the UK provided him with a strong business sense and made him realise the need for a global platform to share innovation. He aims to develop his business on a global scale. 


Xu Shenjun - University of Bristol and Loughborough University

Xu Shenjun is the founder of Volcano Pictures, which has been promoting Chinese Amination Comic Game (ACG) content since 2015. Volcano Picture’s bestselling cartoon book “One Tiny Fox” has sold more than 300,000 copies since it was first published and is now being developed into a movie. 

Having graduated with a PhD in Neuroendocrinology, Xu decided to challenge himself by moving into business. He notes that UK education taught him the skills of project management, teamwork and self-motivation.