The Social Impact Award acknowledges alumni who have made an exceptional contribution and commitment to creating positive social change and improving lives.

2017-18 Finalists

Cao Weiwei - Keele University

Professor Cao Weiwei received her PhD in Law from Keele University and is now an Associate Professor in Hunan University Law School. She works as a part-time legal consultant at Kaifu Xinchen Marriage and Family Service Centre, providing support to victims of domestic violence. In addition, Professor Cao works with local lawyer associations to promote sex education in primary schools to prevent child sex abuse. She is committed to promoting non-gender discrimination laws and policy in China.

Chen Shan - University of Bedfordshire

After graduating from the University of Bedfordshire with a master’s degree in dance performance and choreography, Chen Shan established a non-profit organisation and dance community called Contact Improv. Chengdu. She now organises interactive improvisational dance workshops locally, for participants including professional dancers, children and disabled people. Chen enjoyed the UK as an environment that nurtures creativity and diversity, and she was encouraged to bring these values to China. 

Ni Huan (Helen) - University of Cambridge

Ni Huan, a graduate from the University of Cambridge, has nearly two decades of experience in developing and managing international projects. In 2016, she founded Green Light Year, an NGO that educates visitors about the importance of environmental protection and green lifestyle choices.  By studying in the UK, Ni realised the importance of lifelong learning. Through Green Light Year’s digital and more traditional teaching channels, she wants to help others to learn about natural environment.