Recognising alumni who have made an exceptional contribution and commitment to creating positive social change and improving the lives of others.

  • Areas of work could include, but are not limited to: education, peace and justice and reducing inequality, poverty and hunger and broader humanitarian work or work for social good.

Shenshou Zhang - University of Birmingham

Founder and President of the SHANGHAI YZL FOUNDATION, Shenshou Zhang has been worked for several Fortune Global 500 companies, then he decided to teach in rural primary schools as a volunteer in a national level poverty-stricken county. He initiated the "Lead the Future-Altruism," "Lead the Future-Career," and "Lead the Future-Children’ s Educations" charity projects, aiding over ten thousand underprivileged youth. These projects received national and Shanghai municipal philanthropy awards.

Shuo An - University of Cambridge

Shuo An,co-founder of Beijing Shiji-Yunan New Energy. Drawing on over a decade of experience, Shuo An`s focus on energy efficiency and urban infrastructure has led to the inception of startups integrating energy, environmental conservation, and industrial internet. 

Yu Bai - University of Sheffield | University College London

Yu Bai, ARB, RIBA, founder of BAI Design International. One of Yu Bai’s achievements was his involvement in the renovation of a series of former state-owned hotels from the 1980s into a state-of-the-art Continuing Care Retirement Community in the heart of Beijing.