This award recognises alumni who are active in initiating, or contributing to, innovative new business opportunities with strong growth prospects.  This is an award for self-starters, go-getters and risk-takers.

Award winners

Xiao Dun

Xiao Dun studied Engineering at the University of Cambridge. With over eight years of experience in education technology, he co-founded both a large online homework platform for primary and secondary students in China, and one of the earliest education app development companies. He believes that his UK education strengthened his leadership skills, developed his business judgement and exposed him to diverse views and perspectives. 

Jiang Lihan

Jiang Lihan (Ada) studied International Law at the University of Sheffield. She is the founder and CEO of her own start-up named Miss Mama, a baby service transaction platform between stay-at-home and working mothers, as well as a novelist and columnist. She appreciates her studies in the UK for enabling her to launch her professional career, as well as for providing inspiration for her written works. 

Liao Xuehong

Liao Xuehong (Evita) studied Business Administration at Durham University. She is the co-founder and Chief Business Officer of a leading offshore wealth management firm in China, through which she has contributed to the development of China’s financial system by providing global solutions. She observes that Durham University pushed her to achieve outstanding results in the field of entrepreneurship by providing her with the impetus, tools and network to succeed.

Cheng Ding

Cheng Ding is a graduate from the London Business School and is the Managing Director of Arete, a talent management organisation which provides tailor made support to Chinese students after completing university. Under his leadership, Arete has rapidly expanded, and has plans to open offices in London, Shanghai and Silicon Valley in the near future. Arete’s aim is to further grow their services to developing countries by the end of 2016. 

Zhao Xinyu

Zhao Xinyu is a graduate of Cardiff University. Before founding his own e-commerce company, ‘Bang Travel’, Zhao Xinyu was General Manager of the Global Human Resources Center at the ZTE Corporation, and Vice President of Operations for CDH Investments. He went on to found ‘Bang Travel’, a company that provides Chinese self-guided travel services. 

His Masters in the UK enabled Zhao to follow his dreams by combining his professional experiences with his passion for entrepreneurship.  

Xue Zhixing

Xue Zhixing is a graduate of the University of Nottingham and the co-founder of YikunSports, a specialised provider of professional products and services to disc sports in China. As well as becoming a successful business, YikunSports also promotes the benefits of physical education to students. Since its debut it has helped more than 100 schools in China take a more active role in providing sports.