This award recognises alumni who have distinguished themselves through exemplary leadership and achievements in their professional industry, and who can demonstrate the highest level of integrity and character in their professional career.  

Professional Achievement Award

Li Haisu

Liu Haisu

Liu Haisu (Harry) studied Business Studies at Staffordshire University. As the Assistant Principal of China’s first ‘free school’ (jointly funded by the district government and Tencent charity foundation), he leads a team that initiates education reform and makes fostering students’ global competency their primary mission. Liu Haisu believes his time spent studying in the UK made him a true global citizen. 

Ling Yifan

Ling Yifan studied Visual Communication at Birmingham City University. Known by her pen name ‘Buddy’, she has had over 20 books published and her online manga story, ‘Guarding’, has been read by over 110 million people online. Ling Yifan is of the opinion that her time studying in the UK improved both her confidence and her skills as an artist.

Zhou Zhaofeng

Zhou Zhaofeng studied Competition Law at the University of Glasgow. He is a partner of the international law firm Bird & Bird and, as a pioneer in the field of Competition Law, has worked on several landmark cases for the European Chamber of Commerce. He observes that his time at the University of Glasgow provided him with the qualities and skills needed to practice competition law in China. 

Du Sen

Du Sen is a graduate of the University of Birmingham and President and Chief Marketing Officer of a leading Shanghai oil and gas manufacturer MSP/DRILEX.  With his guidance, the firm became the first Chinese research and development centre recognised by Shanghai for subsea energy equipment, and the organisation has gone on to receive wide acclaim and support.


Du Sen is an experienced leader, and his time in the UK taught him to think both critically and laterally about global issues.

Tina Liu

Tina Liu is a graduate from University College London and works for Drewry Ltd., an independent maritime sector advisory and analytical research organisation. At Drewry, Tina was responsible for opening their first office in Shanghai, and during her time in the UK also helped launch the first China-UK Entrepreneurship Challenge for the University. Tina is a driven and a determined person, who used her UK experience to promote international collaboration and professionally succeed in Shanghai.

Ren Wenxia

Ren Wenxia is a graduate from the University of Manchester and the Director of the International Cooperation Bureau of Harbin Economic and Technology Zone.  In her role, she has developed joint international ventures in culture and tourism, such as the establishment of 9 International Sister School Relationships between Harbin and Sunderland. For her efforts, she has received both the Mayor’s Special Award and the Prestigious Public Servant Award.