What makes our teaching different?

The UK is known for producing successful, versatile graduates and one of the reasons for this is our use of innovative teaching methods. When we say our teaching is different, we really mean it. The UK has a long history of pioneering approaches to teaching that expand and build on the traditional, so students get far more from their studies – and themselves.

One of these innovative techniques is problem-based learning  (sometimes known as enquiry-based learning), in which you are asked to solve real-life problems, just like those you’ll face in your future career. This kind of learning is often combined with field trips and experiences that place you in simulated or real-world settings. Through these techniques you’ll learn to apply theory to practice, collaborating with others and often under time pressure, accelerating your learning and giving you a significant edge over the competition when you graduate.

Alongside problem-based learning, traditional theory-based lectures are combined with group seminars and one-to-one tutorials that develop your analytical and communication skills through discussion. Most courses also require a large amount of independent study, cultivating your ability to do your own research and motivate yourself to meet a deadline, and become an increasingly independent thinker.

Teaching with technology

More and more UK universities are integrating technology with their teaching too, and here you can grow your understanding with some of the most advanced facilities in the world. The technology on offer can take a wide range of forms, from e-learning and downloadable lecture videos to the use of interactive screens and state-of-the-art labs for certain subjects. Whether you’re learning, experimenting or just immersing yourself in books, our universities invest in bright, modern environments that are designed to make sure you always feel motivated and inspired.

Learn from the brightest minds

Of course, what really brings our teaching to life is our teachers themselves. You’ll be working under some truly inspirational individuals from all kinds of backgrounds, each with their own unique passions, industry experiences and approaches to your subject. As you move through your course you’ll be able to develop relationships with them through one-to-one lectures, and even connect with their own industry contacts. After all, what better way is there to become a leader in your field than being taught by one?

Grow your language skills

Whatever you study, language and communication are essential components for success. In the UK you’ll cultivate your skills from day one, with the chance to develop a thorough understanding of professional terminology, such as Medical English. So, whether you’re in a lecture, or chatting to friends in a café, you’ll be advancing your language skills every day in the home of the English language.

You’ll chart your progress through a wide range of assessments. From written and oral exams to project work and dissertations, we apply a programme of assessment techniques designed to really understand your strengths as a student and ensure you leave with the broadest possible skillset.

Visit our Learn English website  for more language resources.

Graduate as a critical thinker

Most importantly, all the innovative teaching methods on offer will support your ability to think critically, an essential skill in your studies and for your future employability. Being able to interrogate problems, challenge bias, spot gaps and devise flexible, imaginative solutions will set you apart and shape you own personal development. 

Thanks to a strong emphasis on analytical problem solving and real-world contexts, our courses can help ensure that you leave with the essential critical thinking skills that employers are searching for the world over.