These scholarships are in honour of Professor Chen Lin, who is a lifetime scholar of English and has been a guide and inspiration to English language teachers throughout China.

They are intended to acknowledge the achievements of Junior and Senior High School teachers in China, and to introduce younger teachers to the international ELT community through membership of IATEFL and first time attendance at the IATEFL annual conference.

You do NOT have to be a member of IATEFL to apply and you do NOT need to give a presentation at the conference.

The award consists of:

  • registration for a Pre-Conference Event of the winner’s choice 
  • registration for the IATEFL Annual Conference
  • a year's IATEFL membership
  • GBP 1,800 towards accommodation and travel costs
  • GBP 55 per day expenses to a maximum of 6 days

To qualify you must:

  • be a native of and normally resident in the People's Republic of China
  • be a practising Junior or Senior High School teacher (not a teacher trainer or researcher) with between three and eight years' experience as a teacher
  • agree to write a report of between  400 and 500 words on your conference experiences by June 2016
  • you must not have previously attended a UK IATEFL conference

To be considered for the scholarship you must submit:

  • a balanced and practical lesson plan for a typical Junior or Senior High School lesson of approximately 40 minutes including:

- the lesson objective

- extra materials, preparation and preparation time required

- a step-by-step guide to each activity

- the follow-up activities for homework and/or for the following lesson

  • 50-100 words in reply to this task:

- from Primary, Junior High, Senior High to College English: how this lesson plan fits into a One Dragon approach as specified by the Chinese Ministry of Education English curriculum. For details on this click here.

  • a passport size photo (for inclusion in the conference programme and the scholarship poster should you win, please refer to the scholarship guidelines for photo requirements)

The submission deadline 23 July 2015. Early submissions are very welcome; late submissions will not be considered.

The winners will be informed by Friday 4th September and other applicants by 11th September 2015. Please do NOT contact the IATEFL office about scholarship decisions; the Scholarship Working Party (SWP) will send everyone the results as soon as they are available.