Extension of the UK - China RIA award call in the Greater Bay Area

For all interested UK applicants interested in ELT research within the Greater Bay Area (GBA), the GBA Building Bridges - ELT Collaborative Community Project Research Innovation Award (RIA) remains open. We are happy to inform you that the deadline for submission of applications for the GBA RIA has been extended to 22 November to allow for further interest.  We look forward to receiving applications from UK organisations or institutions who may be interested in this exciting research opportunity.

Please complete Application Form (Appendix 1) along with all supporting documentations (Appendix 2, Appendix 5 and any letters of support) and email them to Li Rui at li.rui@britishcouncil.org.cn with CC to fraser.bewick@britishcouncil.org.cn by 22 November 2021 at 23:59 GMT. 


The British Council China is now seeking applications from UK organisations for targeted China-UK partnerships of national significance in 2 distinct research and materials development award areas. These awards are intended to support English language teaching and English teacher Continuous Professional Development (CPD) in China through collaborative international partnerships with identified China partners and projects. 

The 2021 awards are: 

  • RIA - Research Innovation Award (up to 20,000GBP per award)
  • EMaDA – English Materials Development Award (up to 30,000GBP per award)

The China Research Innovation Award (RIA) is an annual research award that:  

  • promotes innovative research partnerships which can support and directly contribute to national education priorities creating impact at a provincial or national level in identified areas of ELT within Chinese formal basic education through implementation of targeted, nationally relevant research.   

The China English Materials Development Award (EMaDA) is an annual award that:  

  • promotes UK - China collaborative technical research partnerships which can support national education priorities and create impact at a provincial or national level within identified areas of  ELT in Chinese formal basic education through the implementation of targeted, nationally relevant research and subsequent creation of contextualised materials and/or content that supports and sustains a positive impact in English teacher CPD and the quality of English teaching, learning and assessment. 

For further information on available projects, submission templates and submission timelines etc. please refer to the documents attached below.

Action required

  1. Name – Call for Application: UK-China RIA and EMaDA Research and Materials Development Award 2021
  2. Deadline for Submission – 23:59 (UK time) 12 November 2021
  3. Value of grant agreement – up to 20,000GBP for each RIA award and up to 30,000GBP for each EMaDA award