The National Education Examinations Authority of China and The British Council invite applications for the initial round of their jointly supported research grants: the English Assessment Research Grants Scheme (EARGS).

The EARGs are designed to help develop international language testing expertise on the application of the China’s Standards of English Language Ability (CSE), as well as the relationship between the CSE and either local or international examinations. 

This joint project is aimed mainly at researchers from educational examination institutions, universities and research institutes. Appropriate research proposals from researchers with an interest in the CSE and well-known international language scales and with relevant experience in the theory and practical application of assessment research will be preferred.

Projects will be for a period of two years, and not exceeding three years if extended.

Research Topics

We are expecting research proposals closely related to the CSE. The research proposals can be, but not limited to the following topics.

  • The application of the CSE in English assessment;
  • The application of the CSE in English teaching;
  • The application of the CSE in English learning;
  • The impact of the CSE;
  • Other topics related to the CSE.

Who can apply?

Researchers in the field of language teaching and assessment are welcome to apply for the grant.

Financial support

The financial support for individual projects will, in principle, be three levels: international cooperation projects are ¥150,000, key projects are ¥40,000 and general projects are ¥20,000 respectively. The final number of projects will be determined based on the review results, and the principle of quality before quantity. 


Dec 2019 Call for applications
15 March 2020  Application deadline
May 2020  Notify funded researchers

If additional information about the assessment research grants scheme is required, please contact prior to application or contact us at (86)10-85919142,(86)10-82520221,(86)10-82520218

Special Notice

Affected by novel coronavirus pneumonia, it may not be convenient for some applicants to go back to schools or research institutions at the moment. If you were unable to provide the financial department official seal & signature of the head of financial department in section VII, and the institutional seal in section VIII of the application form, you are not required to provide them right now. When your proposal passes the initial selection, we will contact you and ask for the complete application form with the institutional and financial department seals. The deadline for proposals is postponed till 15 March.