EAAST supports the development of assessment expertise in East Asia by providing on-the-ground professional support, realising client-focused regional language assessment solutions, and serving as the point of contact for engagement with the global British Council language assessment teams.

Sheryl Cooke – Director, East Asia Assessment Solutions Team

Sheryl Cooke leads a regional team that provides language assessment solutions for partners throughout East Asia including needs analysis, language assessment literacy training, test development, post-test services and teacher support. 

Trevor Breakspear – Innovations Project Manager

Trevor Breakspear has 18 years of teaching and training experience within the Chinese ESL and EAP contexts and over 10 years of project management experience within localisation and assessment fields. 

Johnathan Cruise – Assessment Solutions Manager

Johnathan Cruise graduated with a BA in Linguistics and Literature in 1991 and obtained a PGCE in General Primary Education in 1993, before then moving to China to train English teachers. In the last 20 years, Johnathan has worked as an examiner and examiner trainer and obtained an MA in Applied Linguistics and TESOL with a focus on assessment of Speaking tests in 2010.

Jan Langeslag – Assessment Solutions Consultant

Jan Langeslag is an experienced language teacher and assessment expert, currently studying towards his MA in Language Testing with Lancaster University. He has taught English in public and private institutions in China to learners of different ages and levels. As Assessment Solutions Consultant with the British Council in Guangzhou, Jan promotes assessment literacy among teachers, students and other stakeholders and is responsible for the teacher E-newsletter. 

Gordon Allan - Assessment Solutions Consultant

Gordon Allan has been with the British Council in Tokyo since 2003, first as a teacher before joining the English for Education Systems (EES) team in 2014. He worked on the Leaders of English Education Project (LEEP) and is also an Academic Teaching Excellence trainer and a qualified IELTS teacher trainer. He completed and MA in Language Testing with Lancaster University in 2017, and developed the British Council’s ‘How Language Assessment Works’ assessment literacy workshops for teachers. 

Jonathan Dixon - Assessment Solutions Consultant

Jonathan Dixon has worked in the assessment sector for the British Council for over three years. He has been involved in the Chinese ESL industry for around 17 years, working as a teacher, trainer, manager, and assessor. Jonathan holds diplomas in language teaching and academic management, as well as being a certified TESOL practical assessor for Trinity College London. Jonathan came to China in 2002 and has worked for a variety of public and private institutions across the country.

Christopher Redmond – Assessment Solutions Consultant

Christopher Redmond  has taught in public and private institutions in Ireland, South Korea and China. He worked as an item writer for the National English Ability Test in South Korea and used the Common European Framework of Reference to assess the oral English ability of applicants for the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency.

Neil Ryder - Assessment Solutions Consultant

Neil Ryder  has worked in the assessment sector of the British Council in Beijing for over 3 years, and is now currently employed as an Assessment Solutions Consultant.  He previously worked in the Philippines, providing language assessment consultancy services for the off-shore customer service call centre industry.  In this role he was involved with developing assessment products and training solutions for a wide range of corporate clients throughout East and South Asia.

William Bayliss - Assessment Solutions Consultant

William Bayliss has worked in the field of language teaching and assessment for 10 years. Working as teacher and then academic manager in Chinese private language schools, before transitioning into the role of assessor, he has a wealth of experience in team management, programming and assessment delivery underpinned by an MSc in Applied Linguistics from Edinburgh University.

Evan Simpson – Assessment Solutions Consultant

Evan Simpson has over 15 years of experience in language teaching and testing and holds a BA in English, an MA in ESL, and several certificates focusing on data science. He has worked as a teacher, examiner, item writer, assistant director of studies, and teacher trainer in eight countries, including South Korea, Vietnam, Japan, and China. He supports on a variety of assessment workshops and services in his role as Assessment Solutions Consultant for the British Council.