British Council’s Schools Now! is a global conference that fosters pedagogical innovation across British Council Partner Schools. It is a networking opportunity where school leaders from around the globe get to share experiences and knowledge.

The conference is aimed at Partner School leaders and educational managers who wish to learn more about key areas of international education, share their ideas and experiences, and network with like-minded peers.

The theme for Schools Now! 2022 is: Leading Recovery: curriculum, community and wellbeing.

This year’s Schools Now! Online conference will explore the theme of recovery. The online event is set to bring teaching professionals together from around the world to discuss and embrace the challenges of an ever-changing landscape.

The programme will explore specific areas such as physical education and outdoor learning and the importance of using innovative ways to bring the learning environment to life.

During the conference we will recognise the optimism and confidence with which school leaders like you have supported their learning communities during the pandemic. Our aim is to create a conversation on how we can build on these successes and have an open discussion about the next steps needed for recovery. 

The conference on 9-10 March 2022 is open to all British Council Partner Schools leaders and education managers. Your local British Council School Exams representative will contact you for registration. 

We have reserved some seats for schools that are not British Council Partner Schools but are interested in this partnership programme. These schools can email us to apply for entrance to the conference. The selected schools will receive an email or telephone notification from the British Council.

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